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Secrets of Sales Success Can Be Yours – Don’t Miss Out

Take the Who is Selling What? To Whom, How & Why Survey TODAY!

The deadline for being part of an elite group of professional insurance and financial advisors who receive the Executive Summary of the Oliver Wyman/Ice Floe Consulting Who is Selling What? To Whom, How & Why Survey is fast approaching. If you’d like to discover how and why top advisors approach, position and sell long-term care insurance, we need to hear from you no later than October 15th.

Even if you don’t ordinarily discuss long-term care planning with your prospects and clients, your thoughts are vitally important to us. Please give us a few minutes of your time. By doing so, you will learn:

· Best practices in starting the long-term care planning conversation

· Agent/Advisor/Consumer product perceptions and preferences

· Best ways to get prospects and clients to “YES”

· New product insights

· Types of training and education that will improve sales results

· Why many agents/advisors DO NOT discuss long-term care planning with consumers

The Who is Selling What? To Whom, How & Why Survey is waiting for your input. It is the largest national effort of its kind, spearheaded by Oliver Wyman Actuarial and Ice Floe Consulting, and supported by NAIFA, NAILBA, Broker World Magazine, LTC Bullet and life and long-term care insurance companies.

Help Us, Help You! Working together we can make a difference.

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